Frequently asked questions

Will the concrete crack?

We rarely see cracks but they are possible. Many of the cracks that do appear are small and typically add character to the top and does not detract from the appearance. We do use a specialized mix that helps prevent cracking but even with that there is still a possibility that a small crack can appear.

Will the concrete be stain and heat resistant?

With the sealer that is applied the concrete is stain resistant. It is not advised to place hot pans or pots on sealed surfaces because the heat can damage or discolor the sealer.

Does the concrete change appearance over time?

There are often changes to the concrete as it ages but it typically adds more character to the top and makes it even more unique than it already is.

How long does the entire process take, from quote to installation?

While there are several factors that need to be considered, the entire process normally takes on average two weeks.

What are the color options for concrete?

There is an endless color option for concrete. Each piece is one of a kind and we are able to customize however you want.